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A great game. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

the game is super interesting and hopefully whoever watches this enjoyes it (:

Forgot to share my let's play of your game when I uploaded ya go:

This was very unsettling. I love games like this though, they're always super interesting. Great work :D

This game is good because you don't know what to expect what will happen next. by the way i love the song "La vie en rose" it is a nice touch when you enter the  balcony. 

I was not expecting this game at all. Going into it I did not know what to expect. This game is downright creepy but mostly it has depth. Dealing with a real issue of our elderly being abandoned to live out the rest of their lives alone. This game is sad when you start to dive into it. And in that lies the genius of this game. This game manages to illicit a very real emotional response and that is hard to accomplish and its something that I really appreciate as a gamer. Great game devs!  

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This just let my imagination went to the dark side....scared "THAT" gonna pop up everytime I walk to the balcony. I really feel sad for the old lady I mean its gonna happen to all of us sooner or later. Plus when we get old, we feel super lonely because in reality no one(most people) wants to take care of us oldies because its tiring or its just giving them headache for wasting their time or some other reason. Even some of our grandchildren or childrens or any relative dont want to take care of us because of some reason BUT most of us oldies are very lonely. Our grandchildren will probably too busy with their family and their lives so they won't have time for us oldies. Sometimes they get lazy and don't want to go see us on a weekend when they are free because they rather relax and just not do anything or they are too tired. That's how I feel and think during the playthrough of this game. I'm sorry if I offended someone or got my facts wrong because I'm just saying my opinion, my thoughts, my feelings, and my experiences. But please do tell me if I offended you or anybody else I really don't mind that. Once again, I really enjoy this game. It really touch most people's heart. What I'm trying to say is people can relate to this game a lot especially when people have oldies that are in this state of age or time. But yes, I love it a lot and wish it was a bit tad longer ♥.


I just couldn't stop thinking of what could possible have happend in this old ladys life. She so lonely with withoug doubt alot of demons inside. 

The game takes you into a "closed" environment where is only you and our own thoughts while the world outside keep going as always. It's mysterious and full of drama. Is this my future?

A good well written game. 

This game was so scary to me because I imagined that old lady's life might be my future...  Anyway, good game!